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Akilian is a specialist in language acquisition, competence development and diversity management. Originally, it was founded in 2004 as a developer of business applications for competence management and recruitment. Rapidly, it acquired in depth knowledge about competencies, skills and modeling them, and in diversity management (equal opportunities etc.) and in critical skills and critical functions (‘knelpuntberoepen’). In these fields, training and consultancy is given to a wide range of organizations. Most recently,the ‘balanced menu method’ for language acquisition was developed. If offers and unprecedented flexibility towards both learners and their sponsors, as well as a significant speed-up of the language acquisition process.

Key persons in the Akilian team:

Ozbil Biyikli

An experienced language teacher, teaching English and Turkish, trained as a English language teacher with BA and MA degrees from Gazi University, Ankara. She also obtained postgraduate degrees from KULeuven. She acquired over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience in Turkey, the UK, the US and Belgium, mainly for university students and working students. She also did research onto language acquisition for migrants and their descendants (‘NT2’, abbrev. for Dutch as a second language) and the relation between language learning and integration.

Rudy De Groot

An equally experienced language teacher for secondary school students and adult language learners of Dutch and French.  He took care of adult language learners over 10 years, for individual and business customers, including ‘NT2’.  He extensively uses e-learning and likes a fine balance between coaching and teaching.

Rudi Dierick

Specialist in the fields of competence management and diversity management.  Trained as an engineer and a computer scientist, he rapidly went in selling complex computer and software products, and then moved into competence management and managing diversity. He was one of the founders of Akilian. He coached migrants in language acquisition since 2005 and initiated a couple of competence development projects running over a couple of years.

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